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Manhattan Tax is a full service tax preparation and planning firm, servicing our clients for over 20 years. Our offices are conveniently located on Broadway between 37th and 38th St in midtown Manhattan.

About Us

Manhattan Tax is a full service tax preparation
and planning firm, servicing our clients for over 25 years. Our offices are conveniently located on Broadway between 37th and 38th St in midtown Manhattan.

Our focus is providing professional federal, state and local income tax preparation services, as well as tax planning to help achieve your goals of tax reduction and building towards a sound future. In addition to individual income tax preparation, we also provide tax and accounting services to small and medium sized businesses. We help our clients decide what type of business entity to choose, help them to create the entity and register it with the Federal and State governments, and set up accounting strategies to help reduce tax and maximize profits.

Our office is open year round, clients can be serviced anytime they have questions about tax-related matters or if any correspondence is received from the IRS or state jurisdictions.

Manhattan Tax has been successfully servicing our community for over 20 years. Our qualified staff members strive to meet all client service needs with integrity, respect and quality service.

Please call us to discuss your concerns and to schedule a convenient appointment.


Services We Offer

     ⚪ Tax Preparation
     ⚪ Tax Planning
     ⚪ IRS Audit Representation
     ⚪ Non-Filed Tax Returns
     ⚪ Back Taxes Owed
     ⚪ Payroll Tax Problems
     ⚪ IRS Liens
     ⚪ IRS Levies
     ⚪ IRS Wage Garnishment
     ⚪ IRS Seizures
     ⚪ Offer In Compromise
     ⚪ IRS Payment Plan
     ⚪ Bankruptcy
     ⚪ Innocent Spouse Relief 

     ⚪ Small Business Accounting
     ⚪ QuickBooks Services
     ⚪ Payroll
     ⚪ Sales Tax preparation
     ⚪ Cash Flow Management
     ⚪ Strategic Business Planning
     ⚪ Succession Planning
     ⚪ New Business Formation
     ⚪ Internal Controls

     ⚪ Estate Tax Analysis (Probate Costs/Taxes)
     ⚪ Wills & Trusts
     ⚪ Estate Liquidity & Death
     ⚪ Special Needs of Spouse,
          Children & Parents

Tax Checklist

Checklist - What to bring to your tax appointment 

⚪ Social Security Numbers (including spouse and children)
⚪ Birth Dates (including spouse and children)
⚪ Last years tax return (New clients only)
⚪ Child care provider : Name, address and tax I.D. or Social Security Number
⚪ Alimony paid: Social Security Number
⚪ W-2 forms for this year
⚪ Unemployment compensation
⚪ Miscellaneous income including rent and business
⚪ Partnership, S Corporation, & trust income
⚪ Pensions and annuities
⚪ Social Security/RR1 benefits
⚪ Alimony received
⚪ Jury duty pay
⚪ Gambling and lottery winning
⚪ Prizes and awards
⚪ Scholarships and fellowships
⚪ State and local income tax refunds
⚪ Residential address(es) for this year
⚪ Mortgage interest
⚪ Sale of your home or other real estate
⚪ Second mortgage interest paid
⚪ Real estate taxes paid
⚪ Rent paid during tax year
⚪ Moving expenses
⚪ Interest income statements
⚪ Dividend income statements
⚪ Capital gains/losses from stock transactions
⚪ Retirement plan distribution
⚪ Auto loans and leases if vehicle used for business
⚪ Student loan interest paid
⚪ Early withdrawal penalties on CDs and other time deposits
⚪ Gifts to charity
⚪ Unreimbursed expenses related to volunteer work
⚪ Unreimbursed expenses related to your job
⚪ Investment expenses
⚪ Job-hunting expenses
⚪ Job-related education expenses
⚪ Higher education expenses
⚪ Child care expenses
⚪ Medical expenses
⚪ Adoption expenses
⚪ Alimony paid
⚪ Tax return preparation expenses and fees
⚪ Business-related expenses
⚪ Farm-related expenses
⚪ Employment taxes & other business taxes paid for current year
⚪ Federal, state & local estimated income tax paid for current year
⚪ IRA, Keogh and other retirement plan contributions
⚪ Records to document casualty or theft losses

How to Quickly Set Up IRS Taxpayer Account using (Walkthrough)
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Fastest Way to Get Your IRS Tax Information (Stimulus Checks, ACTC,Taxable Income…info)
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Our Team Members

Francis X. Morovich

Anthony Catanzaro

Drop a Line

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1385 Broadway, 20th Fl
Between 37th and 38th St.
New York, NY 10018

Phone: 212-473-2717
Fax: 212-982-2856

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